Why Promotion Is Vital for Your Shop?
Do your best to be the most recognizable online store ever and enjoy your profits. Yeah.
As long as Ecombo's functionality allows not to worry about general dropshipping mechanics, it's better to spend extra time on a proper marketing strategy.


Ecommerce is a fast growing industry. According to a report on the eMarketer, the global ecommerce market is growing at an average rate of 4.5% per year. This is a highly competitive market with low entry barriers, but there are high barriers for those who really want to have a good annual turnover.
If you are aimed at making profits with your online store, it has to be visited every day by potential customers. In order to ensure good traffic, you need to deal with the promotion of the shop with love and care: increase its recognition and strengthen the loyalty of existing customers.

There are tools and methods that can be used both individually or in combination. To find the right combination that will bring results, you need to try many times.

Let's get to the point.

Spoiler: for those who are eager to spend big amounts of money.

Content marketing can easily attract a lot of clients. There are various platforms for selecting and promoting content regardless of its type. For instance, Taboola. This service has different advantages, such as huge audience with wide coverage, premium providers, but Taboola allows to promote only white niches. There is one more similar service - Outbrain. The latter focuses more on promoting a personal brand. Both Taboola and Outbrain are characterized by a high level of conversion and monetization, and are also market leaders in banner advertising.

If your preferred niche can hardly be named white, take a look on MGID, Content.ad и Revcontent. These guys allow to advertise practically every topic.

The main advantage of advertising services is the ability to independently configure the delivery schedule, CPC / CPA, budgets, GEO and type of traffic.

Facebook Ads
Spoiler: can work not for all niches

FB Ads works on the principle of advertising services, but allows you to twist ads only on the Zuckerberg territory. Creating an advertising account doesn't cost anything, but you need starting budgets to launch ads. You can test different combinations with different creatives and audiences with small investments. Always test first with small amounts of money, then launch advertising campaigns with big sums

Blogging + SEO
The slowest promotion way which requires hard work and highly motivated attitude. It well suits for those who are not aimed at making fast money, but who want to build strong and reliable relations with customers in the long term. Doing SEO step by step, you will see your shop slowly going up in search engines.

: the structure of the search engine optimization is designed in such a way that it can easily play against dropshipper due to its structure; you will not overtake the giants of the market, but you have every chance to make the shop more visible.

Solution: do not give up and fight, do SEO, keep blogging (for example, with Shopify) and edit your posts in accordance with the keywords that are popular in a particular niche.
Social Media Marketing
Whether you have narrowly specialized shop or mass oriented, it's high time to start posting useful content on social media. For example, every day 1.6 bln people use Facebook, 500 mln visit Instagram, and there are 100 mln daily active users on Twitter. Through activity on branded social networks, you can communicate with customers and build long-term relationships with them, as well as strengthen brand loyalty and brand recognition. The main thing is to maintain activity (even by reposts) at the every day level and stick to the content plan, whilst information should be useful for a potential buyer.

Spoiler: social networks are an excellent platform for promotion through competent content, but in addition it is necessary to use other promotion tools, since SMM is a complex of different marketing events.
Email Marketing
Some tend to believe that email marketing is already dead, but in reality it is not. It still works great and contributes to a significant portion of online sales. However, it takes time to build a database. Do newsletters with special offers or discounts, keep the buyer informed about updates and deliveries of the goods that he has already purchased, send invitations to private sales, remind about the abandoned goods in the basket, ask for feedback - try to catch attention in one incoming letter notification.
Sales Tools
Prove to the customer that your store is the best he has ever seen online. Create for each of your customers the most advantageous and attractive offer that he could not decline. The right climate for making a purchase will only be favorable, because a rare online purchaser will resist the phrase BUY TWO GET FOUR. Do you understand what we are talking about?

Spoiler: when thinking about promotions, do not forget to focus on selling more units of the same product. Remember that the most difficult thing is to convince your client to take out a credit card, but as soon as this is done, the upsell will amaze you.
Client Service

In order to stand out of the shops selling the same things, you should carefully consider all the nuances of the customer service: possibility to choose the most convenient delivery, flexible returns, responsive support, small complimentary gifts with the order, contests and other activities - the client should feel important, special, meaningful. Moreover, shopping experience is more memorable than what was bought.
Remember: your profit directly depends on the marketing level.

The more popular the shop is, the thicker the wallet. Attract traffic by any possible means: the maximum conversion rate for ecommerce shops, according to the most optimistic forecasts, can be 1-2% of the total search traffic flow, which is equivalent to about 100 users per day.

The more traffic you can run, the higher chances you have to convert into a sale.
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