Just two things which are coming to motivate you in the 4th quarter 2019.
It has never been a secret that with the advent of autumn not only the rainiest time of the year begins, but also the most profitable - widespread discounts and dizzying sales start everywhere.

As a rule, demand increases before the holidays and sellers try to compete severely with each other offering a customer such discounts and promotions that he hardly has a chance to refuse. It is very important to understand that discounts and sales are an ideal opportunity to make a good profit, because some consumers are waiting for them intentionally, because they can not afford to buy goods at full cost for one reason or another.
What we are waiting for right now?

Holidays and seasonal sales! So, right straight away we have: World Shopping Day (November 11), Cyber Monday, Black Friday (November 29), Thanksgiving (USA and Canada), Christmas (Catholic and Orthodox) and the main cherry on the cake - New Year and New Year's sales. During holidays periods most consumers buy even more than they planned (and even if they did not plan).
Let's take, for instance, black friday and christmas keywords and check them for the last five years and worldwide.

On the first screen it is obvious that attention paid to the Black Friday increases from year to year.

Now let's look at christmas analysis.

And we see that christmas search requests are steadily popular.

Next thing we would like to mention covers current situation with advertising networks and black hat shops. The thing is that policies of some adnetworks are becoming more and more tight from year to year; it is connected with their eagerness to reduce significantly the number of restricted products or situations of customers misleading. But dropshipping is a totally legal business, so that you have little chances to get banned and a lot of chance to stay on float.

Nevertheless, some dropshippers have already experienced the new rules of the Facebook Ads policy: it began to pay more attention to the previous experience of the page on the social network until the launch of the ads campaign, as well as its content and products. Facebook has become quite skeptical about dropshipping shops and sometimes sends to the ban doubtful once (from its point of view, of course).
Since Facebook provides the opportunity to advertise to 1.23 billion monthly active users and also has a huge amount of data about them both on the site and beyond, we recommend that you responsibly approach the launch of your dropshipping business. Moreover, you can use FB data to show your ads even to narrow groups of users who may be interested in your product.

Important to notice: despite your preferred niche, Facebook is extremely valuable for almost all companies working on the dropshipping scheme. But, for example, those shops which work with niches which include restricted by Facebook products will be immediately banned: for example, medical additives or goods, the supply of which is regulated by the governmental institutions. However, while you are not on the blacklist, you should go ahead and not give up.
Despite the fact that all of the above mentioned make the process of running traffic on your online store quite problematic, some entrepreneurs are highly encouraged and motivated to start dropshipping business as soon as possible.

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