Ideas Of Top Selling Items In The Q4 2019
With the beginning of October entrepreneurs start preparing for the sales season. There are several reasons for doing so: people are preparing for the holidays, Black Monday and Cybermonday in order to buy presents or other goods with a good discount.
In your free time, you should make a technical check-up of your store (so that the shop does not go down in the midst of Black Friday, for example) and think about proper marketing strategy dedicated to certain sales or holidays.

By the way, we have some ideas of profitable goods which will be in demand during this period.
Cups and mugs

People usually tend to present cozy cups with Xmas or other prints. Statistics show that peak demand occurs exactly at the end of November and mid-December.

Sweaters, sweatshirts, socks, beanies,...

...and other clothes or accessories which warm during the winter season. Christmas sweaters, socks with Santas, the same festive warm hats for the whole family - buy everything that can set a festive mood.

Not the most obvious and festive item in the cold season, but a fun T-shirt with an unusual or custom print is a great gift that reminds of a pleasant time, even if it just lies in the wardrobe.
Minimalistic jewelry

Minimalistic jewelry showed a significant increase in sales in the last few years. Whether looking for a gift or wandering aimlessly through virtual spaces, beautiful jewelry will catch your eye and attract attention. Especially if there is special offers on them.
Halloween accessories

Pumpkin heads, pumpkin candles, pumpkin lights, pumpkin stickers - pumpkin everything is the main theme of the All Saints Day. Spiderwebs and special make up tools, skulls and skeletons, jokes and sweets are always at the peak of demand in late October.

Cosplay costumes

All Saints Day, New Year and Christmas are excellent occasions to dress up and become, for example, a unicorn, zombie, Santa's helper or anyone else just for one night.
Hygiene products and cosmetics

They are bought as gifts or for personal use. Moreover, decorative cosmetics of non-standard types and shades (blue mascara, black highlighter, false eyelashes of all shades and rhinestones) are on top of sales in this niche.


Kim Kardashian has broken the stereotype that shapewear is embarrassing by launching its own brand specializing in this. In general, the demand for these items skyrocketed in the last year. As far as they are usually cost a fortune, consumer seeks an opportunity to buy them with a good discount.

Lamps and garlands for home

The desire for comfort in winter is not limited to warm socks and deer sweaters. While preparing for winter holidays, people furiously buy garlands and figured lamps glowing in different colors (for example, in the form of a pumpkin or a deer). Top item of the season is LED Mirror, which is very convenient for taking selfies, and LED Ring Light has become one of the well-bought products recently.


Going on a diet from the 1st of January? Healthy food, superfoods, matcha, detox teas - whatever you are ready to buy for the sake of starting your life from scratch and a slim body for the summer season!
Gadgets and wireless devices

Music speakers, wireless bluetooth-earphones and headsets, smart watches and consoles are increasingly popular as gifts. By the way, a portable hand warmer is a very useful and popular winter product.
Winter sports clothing

The time is coming for a long winter weekend, which means that people are planning a winter vacation in advance. Skis, snowboards, skates or warm clothes for long walks in the winter forest will always find their buyer.

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