How to create a Shopify store and not screw it up?
If dropshippers had their own Maslow pyramid, then it was based on the need to quickly create a land. Hopefully,despite the fact that this need arises often, it can be very quickly met with the help of all-in-one commercial services. One of them is Shopify.
What's it?

Shopify is a leading platform specializing in building online stores from scratches with practically zero effort. In order to test all the features of the platform, each new user is given 14 free days, but in fact three hours are enough to understand the simplicity and ease of Shopify.

Immediately after you have signed up, Shopify asks to come up with unique name for you shop and after several simple questions about user's intentions. If you just try Shopify to see if it suits you, feel free to choose "I'm not selling products yet" in the "Are you already selling?" field and "I'm just playing around" in "Do you have something to sell?". Indicate revenue equal to zero. When finished, click "I'm done."

After completing the registration process, Shopify redirects you to administration page. This is where miracles begin: customizing a page, loading goods, setting up payment, delivery and many other important things.
How to link a shop to Ecombo?

When you have registered Ecombo profile, you are suggested to create a shop with Shopify ("Create a Shopify store") or connect already existing one ("Connect your Shopify store").
If you choose the first option, Ecombo will automatically redirect to the Shopify registration / login page.

The second button, offering to contact the shop on Shopify with Ecombo, will offer to insert a link to the shop in the field and Ecombo will instantly link it with your Ecombo account.
How to make a good design for your shop?

Shopify offers plenty of options both free and for money - they all go with special support aimed at solving all the problems regarding designing your shop. Free themes do not allow implementing changes to the code, while paid themes allow a little more fun with the design. If you want to make global changes to your layout settings, Shopify provides access to HTML and CSS. For those who do not have coding experience, but who really want to create a unique design, the service offers to use their Shopify Experts services, where you can easily find artists for any task related to Shopify.

Can I add or create a new domain?

Yes, add the registered domains ("Domains" - "Add domain") on the main administration page of the store ("Admin"). Also, there you can set the selected domain as the main one.

But if you don't have your own domain yet, try buying a domain through Shopify. The cost of custom domains purchased through Shopify starts at $11 per year. The domain is automatically configured for you, and you retain ownership even after quitting Shopify.
How to add goods?

On the left-side panel choose "Products". Then, click on "Add a product" in the right-side corner. In a new window, you can add as many details and descriptions of the product as you like. We recommend that you pay attention to those that will help with SEO: name, description and URL. Add as much detail as possible to help bring customers to your products.

Do not forget to add a visual description of a product (pictures and photos). The higher quality of pics, the better it is for your sales:the right product image can make a sale, so make sure that you showcase your products in the best possible way and highlight their features with close-up photos. After downloading images, Shopify allows you to change their sequence.
Yes, products on Shopify can be divided into collections according to a common feature. Say, men's outerwear, women's shoes, children's things, etc. One product can be added to several collections at once. Add navigation buttons for this or that collection to the navigation bar - this will help customers find what they are looking for without having to browse the entire catalog. You can add products to the collection either manually or by setting an automatic rule.

How will the payment be made by the client?

To do this, you need a payment gateway that allows you to accept payments from your customers through your site. In the settings menu, you can find the "Payment providers" button. When clicked, you will be redirected to a page with a list of payment systems that are supported by Shopify and suitable for your store. Shopify also has its own Shopify Payments system, created in partnership with Stripe.
To start receiving payment from customers, you must fill out all the necessary data in the "Payment providers" section.

If for some reason you can't connect your payment account to receive money from customers, then Ecombo will help you solve this issue. To connect payments in this case, you need to complete an application in your Ecombo account in the "Payment solutions" section.
How to make the shop look good and profitable?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question, but we will give some inspiring and motivating examples of online stores that 100% make revenue with at least five zeros.

Brilliant is a non-trivial website selling bicycles. The division into categories, a personalized selection depending on the preferred driving style, a minimalistic and understandable site - the site does not raise questions from the user and makes the purchase as enjoyable as possible.


Youfoodz is a food delivery service, which has visually delicious in design website and which does not let you go until the order is placed. Bright, juicy, appetizing - nobody will be left hungry.

HYGO - a store of unusual and non-obvious gifts for all occasions. Markers with discounts on pictures with colorful goods immediately catch your eye. The category of top products is highlighted separately on the site, which greatly simplifies the user's search.


A store with unusual and stylish home goods that look very advantageous and expensive. Each product is accompanied by an exhaustive description, beautiful stylized photographs, as well as in addition there is a designer's story about the product. Very interesting.
Inspire Uplift

Inspire Uplift is a great shop with home goods, appliances and accessories. Excellent and clear visual design, customer reviews, clear product categories and a support service are a win-win classic for all time.

Final touches

Carefully review the settings before publishing your shop. Some fields will already be filled in automatically as a result of the changes already made, but if you want to add the Google Analytics code, for example, you will have to do this manually in the general settings section.

Do not forget to give a name to the store and tell a little about your entrepreneurial "mission" in the description. The more information about a store's activity a potential customer sees, the more they trust.
Open your virtual doors

Until the official opening, the shop will be protected by a password that is automatically generated during creation, so that you can safely test the design and functionality. Once everything is ready, in the settings you can change the visibility of the online store and make access to it open to everyone. Be careful and make sure that the first buyer will not be the discoverer of unexpected stocks.
Thank you very much for reading this article. Hope it was helpful. :)
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