Easy steps to choose the right products to sell.
Competition on the ecommerce market strengthens from year to year. It means that dropshippers have to do their best in order to beat other competitors in the similar neche and push their online store to the top. However, choosing the right product is vital for the success of the store. Anyways, it is not easy, but doable.

There are three main levels on the way to success: market and niche analysis, strategic planning and choosing the right items.

Let's start.
Step 1. Unleash your inner marketer and start exploring the market. Highlight the main trends and tendencies. Think about your own consumer patterns and preferences. Take a specific niche and delve into it more thoroughly - try to find there either the missing link or the gold mine.
Step 2. Look what others sell and which strategy they stick to. Check the most popular, the less popular and potentially perspective goods. Analyze how shops identify themselves depending on the product/niche, how and where they are promoted, and what tools and practices they use to attract customers.
Step 3. Put yourself in your customer's shoes: think about what kind of goods he may have lack of. And what product do you lack personally? What would you like to see on the market and in what format? Niche product or popular? Use Google Trends analytics, compare five different search queries for different products and analyze demand.
Step 4. Start developing a strategy when you already have an idea of what you are going to sell. Here, your goal is to find out who your final customer is, what your target audience is, how your competitors succeed, what products will bring you $$$, and how to make a customer get hooked on your product.
Step 5. Think over pricing policy. Dropshippers, as a rule, have more risks in comparison with full-format online stores. This should be borne in mind when you are going to place a shop in a narrow niche. A good mark-up can be made on goods whose production costs are lower than retail prices. At the same time, it is worth adding popular products with a low margin that will attract buyers. And electronics stores survive when they offer to buy accessories for gadgets. And your goal is to find a balance between the sale of goods and the ability to make a profit.
Step 6. In the Ecombo catalog, select the category you need, find the same-your-top-of-the-line product from hundreds of options and add to your shop :)
The secret of stunning sales differs from seller to seller: what works for others may not work for you, and vice versa. Also take into account that a winning combination of product advantages and seller's competitiveness is required for a product to be sold.

Now we bless you for good luck and triple profit.
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