Ecommerce and dropshipping: forecast for 2020
Is dropshipping dead dead? Ecommerce is still alive? Is it okay to continue dropshipping in 2020? Find all the answers in our article below.
On the Net, you can find an infinite number of threads dedicated to the following [practically Shakespear's] questions: is the ecommerce market is oversaturated? Does it make sense to continue dropshipping in 2k20? Is dropshipping still alive?

Let's go deeper into the issue.

Ecommerce is a fast growing industry. According to the report on the eMarketer, the global ecommerce market is growing at an average rate of 4.5% per year. This is a highly competitive market with low entry barriers, but there are high barriers for those who really want to have a good annual turnover.
By 2021, the ecommerce global market is expected to reach $5 trillion. Yes, there is high competition, and supply often exceeds demand, which leads to the inelasticity of a particular product. But, not surprisingly, ecommerce market has enormous potential and it is obvious that not all of its capabilities and niches are involved.

In its turn, dropshipping is not a new fleeting trend in the ecommerce market and not just another profitable niche that will soon collapse, but a successful business model that allows you to minimize costs. On the other hand, dropshipping turned upside down the usual understanding of online shopping from the buyer's point of view. Therefore, dropshipping will never die and will not lose its relevance.
Trade goes deeper in to online format despite its main aim and type of goods for sale. People more and more opt for online shopping. That's why online trade is going to flourish.
But it's obvious now that some dropshipping principles have become too obvious that it doesn't take much effort for the buyer to identify them. The same products, the same web sites, the same marketing strategies - the audience is slowly starting to get fed up. And zero originality really takes profit to a negative plane: now the buyer pays attention to the quality of the product, its presentation and description. Moreover, in order to attract your audience, you need to be able to speak its language.
If we take ecommerce as an industry, it's obvious that the story still really goes in a spiral: COD (CPO) is confidently gaining momentum again. This is a fairly risk-free process of purchasing via the Internet; convenient for online shoppers who are afraid of scam shops, and when buying expensive goods.
To sum up, we can say that the success of an online entrepreneur now depends only on his ingenuity, originality, resourcefulness and ability to identify trends and surprise the target audience.

Keep moving on and let the luck be with you :)
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