Dropshipping with AliExpress: The Easiest Way To Start Your Online Business
AliExpress: What Makes It Different From Alibaba and How It Facilitates Dropshipping.
AliExpress first was launched in 2010 and literally transformed the way of doing business forever: one marketplace is now able to engage thousands of suppliers which offer millions of both useful and useless items at the price of a good bottle of beer.

The most savvy have cut an idea: if there is a place where you can buy something for a pittance, then you can buy goods in bulk and resell with a mark-up. In fact, AliExpress is the elder bro of Alibaba.
The main difference between AliExpress and Alibaba is that the latter is more suitable for those who prefer to work with large deliveries, while AliExpress is aimed at any volume of purchases. At Alibaba, sellers set a minimum volume for one delivery. In general, Alibaba serves manufacturers, trading companies, or resellers that trade in large quantities. AliExpress mainly connects Chinese local businesses with international buyers. If you need customized products and a more wholesale approach to purchasing and pricing, Alibaba is the best solution. If you don't really bother, AliExpress Dropshipping will be the best solution.

Why dropshipping is better with AliExpress?
AliExpress sells a large number of highly cost-effective products such as clothing and accessories, household and pet products, mobile phones, jewelry and personal care products.
AliExpress covers great
amount of categories
and goods.
The first (and the main) advantage is that AliExpress covers great amount of categories and goods. It's easy to navigate and find the needed products. Just add products to your shop, start promoting it and look at the statistics of visits / purchases. It's important to test different products in order to find the one most interesting for the customer.
Secondly, AliExpress is the first to reflect the latest trends, and that top products always appear there first.

Thirdly, it's easy to contact any of the suppliers on AliExpress and discuss terms of supply. Moreover, almost all suppliers presented on the marketplace offer more favorable prices for dropshippers.

And the last, but not the least, you do not need any start-up capital to start dropshipping with AliExpress. All the financial risks are significantly lowered, because you do not need to pay for rent, warehouse or logistics.

How to choose a reliable supplier on AliExpress?
First of all, take a look on a store's rating and number of reviews. Top suppliers are marked with a gold medal. Also, contact the supplier and ask him the following questions:
    1. How long is the order processing?
    2. What is the average processing and waiting time?
    3. Is there any free shipping? If not, how much will it cost.
    4. Does the supplier provide samples?


    How to add items from AliExpress to a store?
    It's easy if you use Ecombo!

    After you have entered your personal account, select Search Products on the left navigation panel. Ecombo will redirect you to the product search page by category.

    If you cannot find certain products on Ecombo, but you are sure that they are presented on AliExpress, then click on Add product from Aliexpress in the upper right corner, copy the links to the products and paste them into the opened input field.
    Ecombo allows you not to think about the technical side of the business, but to engage in marketing and active customer search, because Ecombo:

    1. Automates order fulfillment and updating of information on orders;
    2. Facilitates fast delivery from the USA, EU and China;
    3. Creates, strengthens and promotes a personal brand;
    4. Outsources customer service;
    5. Allows to choose a stable and proven payment solution.
    If you dropship and not joined us yet, go and register at Ecombo official website!
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