Business In A Smartphone: How To Adapt Instagram For Dropshipping
Extremely developing netwotk can make your business a favor offering enough space for creatives and a free access to a multi-million audience.
Recently, Instagram has been actively developing more as a marketplace: possibilities to present and promote goods or services are restricted only by the creativity level. Business account on Instagram is a nice tool to attract attention to a business by using means of visual demonstration of goods and services. The most successful Instagram business blogs can be found in the niches of women / men's clothing, accessories, shoes and home goods.
For dropshipping, Instagram has the following benefits:

  1. No start-up capital is required to launch on site;
  2. Visual content is the best product presentation;
  3. Free access to a multi-million audience;
  4. Easy interaction with potential customers;
  5. Free promotion opportunity.

Every business account on Instagram is linked to the Facebook business page. Also, Instagram offers to indicate contact details so that customers can contact with business representatives with one click. The social network also monitors statistics on interaction with the audience and independently forms analytics
In order to make the business account attractive to users, it's needed not only take care about style and contents. There everything makes sense: starting from username and tone of voice and up to geotags and number of emojis in the text.

Profile description. The first thing that strikes the user in the eye is the profile header. This part should contain a brief description of the business's activity and cover briefly main advantages.

Hashtags. They should be simple and relevant to the topic of the business. By the way, branded hashtags can help potential customers quickly navigate the profile.

Style. Make stress on the brand's identity: it should highlight uniqueness and cause a desire to buy goods. Some cases show that coming up with special features of publications style can make an eye catching visual style.

Content plan. Interesting and involving content is vital for a good promotion on Instagram. Under a beautiful picture should be no less catchy text that motivates the user to get out a means of payment. Content can be planned in advance and scheduled for posting with the use of social media management services. Do not forget that the content can be both reputational or selling (about the brand and products), and entertaining, educational, communicative or news.

Stories. Facebook says the video format engages the audience better than the photo content. Stories are an excellent tool for publishing important information for subscribers: instructions for use, announcements, reviews, price lists and much more. Also in Stories there is the possibility of live broadcasting, the effectiveness of which is underestimated (and in vain).

Geotags. Choose the most popular and trendy locations all around the world. This can also help to increase recognition and reach more engagement.

Posting time. It's quite easy. The average Instagram user spends most of the time on social networks from morning to the beginning of the working day and in the evening after work. In order to ease communication with the audience, Instagram provides activity analytics.

Posting frequency. It doesn't mean that a lot of posts in a shirt time will collect more likes. Frequent posting can cause audience fatigue. Better to post once every two to three days, but with high quality and taste, thinking through all the details of the content.

Interaction with the audience. In order to get feedback from the audience, it is necessary to conduct a dialogue. Calls to action is very important in this process: encourage people to chat, comment, like. It's alsco recommended to be more active in accounts with large audiences or similar topics to attract attention to the profile.
Let's draw the line. Instagram is a great tool to promote the unique product offer, announce about sales, promotions and new arrivals. The possibility of a beautiful visual presentation only contributes to the attractiveness of the offer and is one of the stimulants for increasing sales.
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