Best dropshipping niches that will bring you PROFIT!
If you don't know where to start selling, this article suggests some profitable options.
In the world where money are being made by selling air or enlargement creams it is becoming harder to surprise a customer. Despite this, success of dropshipping business depends on the choice of goods to sell. Just a simple example: there are very few purchases with nano colanders to get a decent profit compared to those who trade mid-range cosmetics with AliExpress.
There were times when ecommerce field had very high entry barriers. Nowadays, one can become a dropshipper with just 20 bucks in his pocket, and this makes dropshipping a highly competitive environment. The right choice of a profitable niche with top goods helps a shop to fight competitive pressure on the market.
How to choose a niche with high demand and good profits?

First of all, pay attention to what you are most interested in. List your hobbies and interests, and then use them as the basis of your future choice of a niche. Then analyze your interests and find the missing links in the market for a niche product. Think about what you like to buy and what you believe in. This will facilitate your sales and promotion process, as you already know about it.

In order to navigate easily among different niches, you need to see and understand current trends and at least do your best to predict future once. Don't try to combine all the top products from different niches in one shop; it makes your shop suspicious and can be disorienting for the customer. Pay special attention to the holidays and seasonal sales, because they can drive additional demand.

So, now you understand that choosing the right niche is half the success. Now let's turn to the main part and consider niches that are still on top for a long time.
Health and beauty

Is it worth commenting that products related to beauty and health have always been and will be in demand? Decorative and care cosmetics, dietary supplements, facial massagers, herbal teas - this list goes on and on.

Despite the demographic leaps, this niche is one of the most profitable. The main products are toys, clothes, diapers, food and other children's accessories.
Household products

From security tools to interior design and accessories: the niche of household goods is no less profitable than everyone else. Given the purpose, cost, ease of use and installation, it is likely that the products of this niche will reach even the most sophisticated buyer. For example, the top products from this niche in 2019 are Moon Lamp and Mirror Alarm Clock.

Goods for life are intended not only to diversify the day or decorate the interior, but can also be used as a means of self-expression. These are goods for every day, hobbies or sports, unusual goods for home. For example, in 2019, book coasters, luminous garlands for the home or a night sky projector are popular.
Antistress toys

An eternal category that literally gushes with new products. Each time, a new fad instantly gains recognition from customers around the world. However, demand does not meet supply as quickly as we would like - due to this, antistress toys are inferior to conventional toys in popularity. But this also makes them a good option for dropshipping: create your brand, promote and become a seller of cool relaxing stuff that are very easy to deliver and are in demand - this is a profitable but risky niche.

Despite the fact that the market for gaming products is saturated with various options and their variations, there is always demand. Unbelievable, but true: in this niche, the customer always studies the product before buying. Therefore, there is a good opportunity for guaranteed sales without returns. To make more profit use wisely the time before latest releases of new games and devices: before new editions are released you have time to push sales significantly.
Women's clothing and jewelry

In this niche, the geography of delivery is not limited. Women more often order clothes than men, and never limit themselves to just one item in the basket. As for jewelry, this is a win-win option for all time. There is a lot of room for imagination and promotion, but the market is tough.
Goods for pets

Dropshippers in the pet product niche thrive on the wide available alternatives on the market. Items that can be sold in this niche include pet care equipment, bowls and feeders, toys, cleaning and hygiene products, bedding, clothes, food and other accessories for furry and feathered friends.
By the way, Ecombo users have the opportunity to choose not only among these niches - in total, 29 different categories are presented on the platform. Choose the one you need, look through an endless catalog of goods, choose goods, add them and - voila! - the goods from a trusted supplier are already in your catalog on Shopify.
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