White hat landing page: how to create and not to regret about it later?
So, you have been waiting for it and now we are ready to provide the access to Ecombo Junior service (for those accounts/webs/profiles that meet the requirements of AdCombo).

It means that almost every affiliate of AdCombo may get acquainted with the white hat e-commerce and partially forget about Facebook bans, starting now.

We suspect that the most part of you are unaware of the Ecombo Junior concept, that's why we have prepared for you a short review on the features inside the platform.
For those who have access to Ecombo Junior new tabs will be visible. Let's begin with the "Product list" tab. It contains the list of currently available products. For sure, the number will grow. If you want to add some new/special products - write to your AM and we will add it. Currently, we can add any product from AliExpress. We need only time to choose the appropriate supplier.

Ecombo Junior users also have access to the landing page generator - Ukit.
We strongly recommend to use it.
Press "uLanding" button to create a landing page for the selected product. In the opened tab you may edit the landing page. We have chosen Smart Watch Men Q18. By the way, don't be afraid of strange names of offers - they come from AliExpress. The whole content (include names, descriptions and etc.) complies with Сhinese trading platforms.

In the "Subdomain" graph you put the landing page name ("Watches" in our case). In the "Domain" graph you put the available domain. By default "smarthings.pro" domain is available now. Then you may choose one of the provided landing page templates. Now we have 3 different templates but later we'll add more.
After that, we can set up the product price on the landing page and default payout and discount to increase the conversion rate. The system will regulate all the indicators automatically. We put the price near 17 USD in order to avoid the increase of the price higher than 39 USD. We put the discount near 33%.

The criteria of the products color (that will be reflected in the LP) and the criteria of the region of delivery are situated in the right last column. There is no need to focus on this data. However you may delete positions which contain China as a region of delivery.
We may run the ad campaign with the default payout 17 USD if the goal of the campaign in Facebook Ads will be "purchase" and the maximum price will be 12 USD. In this case, the average rejection rate will be near 11%.

In the "Media" tab you may add any video content from YouTube (there are a lot of video reviews on the provided Chinese products). We strongly recommend to add a video which duration is 1-2 minutes.
Then push the button "Create Landing Page" in the lower right corner and wait for the notification "Page successfully sent for conversion". It may take about 15 minutes to create the landing page.

Click on "My offers" tab - here will be your landing page.

All landing pages created by Ukit are marked by a purple circle. If you push the URL - the landing page will be opened. Do not be scared of notification "No offer or such domain". You should just wait for publication. Here is the example of standard LP: http://watches1.smarthings.pro/

Now we can configure other small but important details. Push the button "Edit this offer" as is shown in the pic below. In the opened section you may regulate pixels.

The interface allows adding a pixel to the landing page, to add the retargeting pixel, to configure the postback, to add pixel on the shopping cart and so on...

Then push the button "Edit design Template" and go to the uLanding interface. In the left top corner under the short AdCombo logo, you may find the button "Ru", which will translate the whole website into Russian.

With Ukit you can change on the LP almost every detail: texts, the buttons color, photos and etc. After the whole changes push the yellow button "Publish".

It should be noticed that Ukit contains more than a lot of different features which deserves special attention. We will provide you the whole review on this service a bit later.

Thank you for reading this article! Hope it was useful :)

20 May / 2019
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