An Affiliate's $26K Story About His First Ecommerce Experience. Wanna Try Too?
Hey, I am Constantine, a member of one of the largest Russian private CPA-community. Previously, I'd been using pop/banner traffic, but in 2018 I decided to try getting traffic from Facebook. It's a difficult source to work with (comparing to pop traffic, for instance), but here you're able to find quality traffic, though. I really like to deal with COD offers in Europe.

Once I heard Tim Krawtchenko talk about a new platform that AdCombo was planning to release to cooperate with AliExpress. The platform allows you to create an online shop and drive traffic to it without any formalities like business legalization. After Ecombo had been released, I registered in it immediately and then created an account on Shopify.

There is actually nothing complicated in using Shopify; it is like a constructor. Customizing a web template is as easy as installing diverse plugins (a countdown timer, popup, coupon code, etc.). It was a couple-of-week span between the moment I created my account and the one when I brought test traffic to my shop with the plugged-in payment service (PayPal and credit cards) for the first time.

I suffered losses at first because I was inexperienced in working with the e-Commerce vertical. I'd tested plenty of products and traffic strategies and after a month I broke even. In addition, I learned what products were winning and how to target the audience. Then I started getting a profit with a small budget.

At the end of July, I got an idea of how to promote an item effectively and I decided to realize it.

Well, it was Smart/Fitness Watch. AliExpress is oversaturated with this stuff.

Period of traffic driving: 1.08.2019 - 30.08.2019 and 14.09.2019 – 20.10.2019

Profit: $ 25750
Seniors were the main target audience. Therefore, the creatives emphasized the benefits of the smartwatch to the senior age group. I shot a video where I was highlighting its function of tracking the blood pressure and heart rate which is extremely relevant to the TA. What's more, I was telling them that the watch could notify them when it's time to visit the doctor because of abnormal heart rates. By the way, there are some surveys saying that the heartbeat is an indicator of the overall performance of a man's health.
The creative I used:
I never imagined this smartwatch can save my life.
You only live once, A worthy gift to the Senior.
Track: Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure, Sleep Patterns, Daily Activities.
I did the first test traffic-driving in early August, and it showed that my promotional idea was working successfully.
Unfortunately, at the end of August, I had to stop traffic flow as the customers started returning the goods. It happened because of the product's low quality (some watches were unable to be charged and/or didn't pair with a smartphone). It was completely my fault: I'd been cooperating with a non-trusted seller on AliExpress. Anyway, I decided to go on and start partnering with another seller.

I pre-ordered a new watch to test the shipping time and the quality of the product and got satisfied with these factors. Moreover, in this case, I was able to make video-creatives myself. That's crucial since Facebook favors unique content.

Then, I used the same ad approach as before, but I did a slight modification of the previous creative. I added the shots where the watch was measuring blood pressure and heart rate. The next step was to create a lookalike audience from those who had already placed orders. On September 14, I re-launched the ad campaign for LLA and all countries to that ePacket provided delivery service.

It'd been working fine until my Business Manager was blocked for document verification.

The most profitable countries from which I got the majority of orders were: US, UK, CA, AU, NZ.
Screenshot from Google Analytics:
Screenshots from Shopify admin dashboard:
Screenshots from Ecombo panel overview:
Sadly, I don't have any screenshots from Facebook as my FB profile was blocked soon after the BM blocking.

Let's count: $86700 – $31.5k - $27k – $1,8k – $650 = $25750 is my net profit for a month.

Shopify payments: $29 / month + 2% or $79+ 1%.

Unfortunately, there were some returns. The main reason was a long delivery time. It was a five-day holiday in China (National Day of the People's Republic of China, October 1-5). everything was completely paralyzed in the country. Delivery services and sellers were on holiday for more than a week. I didn't stop traffic, though I placed a huge title on the landing page saying that the delivery time would prolong up to 30 days. Usually, it takes 7-16 days to deliver an item to the USA (ePacket).

1. Free Shopify upsell plugin. The more items a customer buys the bigger is the discount he gets. For example, for 2 items he can get 10%, for 3 items - 15%.

Result: $40k income.

2. SMSBump Plugin

It sends a series of SMS to the customers that had reached checkout but didn't pay yet.

  • I got $9k income having spent just $45,
  • 49 % of SMS was converted
  • ROI 20000%.

The service sends the first SMS 7 minutes later:

Hi {FirstName}. We are sorry to see you go! Return today and CLAIM 10% OFF your entire order! Return here {AbandonedCheckoutUrl}

The second one is sent after 10 hours:

Hi {FirstName} your cart expires soon! Return today and CLAIM 10% OFF your entire order! Return here {AbandonedCheckoutUrl}

And the third one is sent in 24 hours:

Hi {FirstName}, LAST CHANCE! GET 25% OFF your ENTIRE order! Return here {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} . This offer lasts only 1 HOUR !

You can set up this plugin in the "Automations" section.
3. E-mailing services. I use Klaviyo. I had 6 letters on the mailing list in total.

Result: $2k sales.

After 2 hours a would-be customer got a notification

After 16 hours he was offered a 10 % discount

In a day he was offered a 15 % discount

In 2 days he was offered a 20 % discount

In 3 days he was offered a 25 % discount

In 4 days he was offered a final 30 % discount
Furthermore, I recommend you to join these Facebook pages dedicated to Facebook Ads and e-Commerce: (ad hacks)

Try to gain even more profit!
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